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    1. Investor - Mobvista

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      Announcements and Circulars

      Corporate Governance

      Audit Committee

      The primary duties of the Audit Committee are to review and supervise the financial reporting process and internal control system of the Group, oversee the audit process and perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by our Board.The Audit Committee onsists of three members, namely Mr.WANG Jianxin, Mr.YING Lei and Mr.HU Jie. Mr.WANG Jianxin has been appointed as the chairman of the audit committee and is our independent non-executive Director with the appropriate professional qualifications.

      Terms Of Reference Of The Audit Committee[PDF]

      Remuneration Committee

      The primary duties of the Remuneration Committee are to establish and review the policy and structure of the remuneration for the Directors and senior management and make recommendations on employee benefit arrangement.The Remuneration Committee consists of three members, namely Mr.YING Lei,Mr.CAO Xiaohuan and Mr.HU Jie. Mr.YING Lei has appointed as the chairman of the Remuneration Committee.

      Terms Of Reference Of The Remuneration Committee[PDF]

      Nomination Committee

      The primary duties of the Nomination Committee are to make recommendations to our Board on the appointment or re-appointment of and succession planning for Directors of our Company.The Nomination Committee consists of three members,namely Mr.DUAN Wei, Mr.YING Lei and Mr.HU Jie. Mr.DUAN has been appointed as the chairman of the Nomination Committee.

      Terms Of Reference Of The Nomination Committee[PDF]

      Memorandum and Articles of Association

      Amended And Restated Memorandum And Articles Of Association[PDF]

      List of Directors and their Roles and Functions

      List Of Directors And Their Roles And Functions[PDF]

      Procedures for shareholders to propose a person for election as director

      Procedures For Shareholders To Propose A Person For Election Asdirector[PDF]

      Contact Us

      Company Name:?Mobvista Inc.

      Headquarters: 43/F-44/F,Tianying Plaza(East Tower), No.222-3 Xingmin Road,?Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District,?Guangzhou, Guangdong Province,?PRC

      Principal Place of Business in Hong Kong:?40th Floor, Sunlight Tower,?No.248 Queen’s Road East,Wanchai, Hong Kong

      Company Website:?www.teb14.com

      E-mail: IR@mobvista.com

      Tel & Fax: 86-20-37039010

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